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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  October 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning.orn welcome to friday, october 28. that's 48 degrees outside. that's pretty chilly outside will live warm on.t' we had some rain this morning
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county. think how quickly the showers haveve thinned out. floyd flake and 47.
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while they represent in chicago. it is cleveland against the wall pack:that is certainly true here in chicago near wrigley field with the remaining cups kids there was wage helps wh here. it's $2,100 just to get inside wrigley for friday night him an outstanding one room only. some bars in wrigleyville hardcharging $250 per person
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you try pits including cleveland natives who live in chicagoyo is not so being tried sending in the windy city to see the both of them togetheree it's very seo to see either team it's unimaginable. it's rough the boats are veryre when i very glad that it makesim >> talk. hopefully we can pull this one out.t. he's cups in public square tickets friday month. make it into the ballpark for
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we are in a friendly online competition with our sister station in the windy cityty then say is from sins mean be good for the indians are better for make sure you stay with us only place you can watch the indians in comes the world is right here on fox news. only a fox 8 i team jammer was rolled to see justice for ford's sports fan ripped off thatt selling fake tickets thatt happened in court is not typical.s ed gallek has more on the pavement for skin clean --le cleveland fans.
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fake tickets in the skaters have seen these to watch the indians in the switch to the cavaliers.n only the 19 here for sentencing arriving in the purple shirt and tie the first to click going cn you tell which ticket is fake. before a judge he did not cheated out of their nearly $4,000 and in may we caught up on. by phone. like he got me. sure enough, we went into the stadiumwe w tickets came up fac. we're talking tickets to ballgames
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one-time think the defense attorney argued he was just a middleman k th delivering the tickets and collecting the money. i've given this great deal of thought.t.i also ordered him to pay pick everybodydy than ever with fake tickets he got his from out of state even had detailed noteshis in the ed one carman taking a seat inat prison for thought that for the thinking they about the two big events. headcount, fox fox 8 i team.m.
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bowling another student for thousands of dollars. police are investigating now. cericicp
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good views sobbed bruno some moved you punch him in the face.
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i need a snack. my blood sugar drop. them. is looking good. it is dave 50. let's take a look and see what's going on. thank you. warm on these cold mornings. the eight-day forecast till shows a nice long as we start the beginning of november.
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now the showers with the northwest went are starting to thin out. the moisture is so and northern ohio held belowelo while before we scour only the cloud deck forecast this eveningn as well into the 60s one of the
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not fly balls be aided with any sort of wind widespread form and strong winds w. have wink us at 30 miles per hour in and that was chicago start to shift further east rainfall amounts at this time see them around a quarter of an inch. we will take a look at the a eight-day forecast as we finish the month of october on a pretty nice now in youre m eight-day forecast brings usrin
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on tuesday mo now suing death i don't think you need them mask. we don't have any accidents. overnight work still out there as you head over to 22nd. 22 be aware that they are trying to work on the ring in that area. such as goes for another 2-3
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to bathtub. agencies that barrels are in the left lane. 1990 is the ramp is down to oneo lane. that's something o to keep in md .-period-paragraph think take as the rus rere lanes. of course comee down and summit county we have pledges rose closer over 76 to the beginninge ofg next summer.mer wayne and kristi pack to you. >> (-left-parenthesis is facingc charges for opening fire on law as theytht officers went to clear protesters they
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private land they had put up roadblocksey along county roads near the camp they had no issues with the protesters until they began noth t trespassing. >> they decide to maybe stancesa to block public roadways against the law we can can't let thatnst continue to happen. they say there were no other serioust incidences over the
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powder powder across her canceru this is the latest case to aches to examine the health ramifications of using this powder. th a texas teenagers facing felony charges for his role employed another student has nearly $7,000. he intimidated and anothern classic that is $1,600 over five months time he didn't young bully himdi it was for ther partnership with the victim told take money and get him t t provide large amounts of foodf f and video games that they both use. cerichath he was on stealing the
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known of all this i would not have done it. he's charged withthh aggravated theft which could send him to jail for up to two yearsggeft hd to be arraigned next month. hello growth points into the machine open for small toy in stitches given a smallints contr 3,000 inside their blood pressure medicationth looking at security to see if anyone tapered with the dispenser. one for surface rising in the
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it is 454.s here is your eight-day forecast clouds increase a few showers late evening press chance of
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50. most of that would be before noon on sunday. she is so show with a cold front on wednesday called by 50s is a lot of variability. this is what happens this time of yeararr not only do they produce temperatureshey for just a day r two. a >> that starts tonight at seven and math subpar five on monday
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no overnight workon to 70 went for 80 at state is easy pcpc defendants crazy. seventy-seven from the trump a quick 14 ride. little bundles of joy in kansas city are in the hollow wean spirit. therehe e costumes turnovers tookc cute pictures of the first halloween. burger king in new york went all outent for hollowing.o and we say burger king we don't just been the employee we are targeting the entire restaurant this isisa him dresss
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outside reveals saying just getting ways to flame for our partnersfla happy halloween. we will have all the details
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good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio


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